Remote Fever Monitor Monitor your baby&#

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Product Name: Wireless Temperature Monitor
Product Model: RT-910
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Supply Ability: good
Specification: funai radio & communications Corp.
Monitoring body temperature variations 24 hours a day.

High Temp. or Low Temp. Alarm.

Free set the alarm points.

Cْ/Fْ switch freely.

The instantaneous temp. data can be transmitted to the receiver within the accessible range.


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The Remote Fever Monitor takes your child’s temperature abdominally every 5 seconds and transmits it to the Parents’ Monitor every 10 seconds. An abdominal reading is considered to be almost as accurate as an oral reading.
The child’s thermometer clips to the diaper, the waistband of pajamas, or the special belt that is included. In addition to receiving the temperature readings, the Parents’ Monitor has 5 fever alarm settings. If your baby’s temperature reaches the setting you have selected, an alarm sounds to alert you that your child’s fever is on the rise.

And because the Fever Monitor is working around the clock, you can sleep more easily. You won’t have to continuously get up to check your baby because if her fever reaches the alarm setting, the Parents’ Unit will awaken you.

But remember, the Remote Fever Monitor is not a substitute for a visit to your physician. If your child’s temperature goes above 100°F, you should consult your doctor.

The Remote Fever Monitor may be used on children up to the age of 8. If a Pacemaker is being used, you should consult our physician before using the Fever Monitor. It

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